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Howl with ye mates.
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Wolf, 17, loner, bi, single, kinda crazy.

Hey, I'm Dubius - a big, fluffy and very go-getting young male wolf! :3

My favorite music is rock, pop and blues from the 80's and 90's as well as country music.

And please.... don't be shy! You can ask me everything and you can talk about everything with me - I won't bite! xD
It's more like the opposite... I'm always up to meet new people and I always like talking to people and answering questions. :meow:

NOTE: if you wanna see a pic of me don't go search for some in my gallery. You won't find none. Go ask me and I might send you some. :)

This is the Page of my fursona Xandro: :iconblue-black-wolf: but if you wanna do a smalltalk with me, do it on this (Dubius) account plz because I'm mostly here - okay? :)

My friends ' n best friends and huh... just everyone who's nice xD :
:iconq0at: :iconcreepxhatter: :iconcaintt: :iconfennekfuchs: :iconantooniverse: :iconminniminnimi: :icondrenksor: :iconwheatlley: :iconxshadowstar: :iconphotomgraphy: :iconivestro: :iconthe-gray-husky: :iconchrisi011: :iconkiiro-no-uma: :icondislocada: :iconlluviia: :iconwidosmith: :icongun21: :iconsupersonicnovasoul: :iconcollin-16: :iconschattensterndrache: :icongreenpatches: :iconarcticcloud:
(no order okay?!)

Rose? <3

My uhh foxsister? <3 :3

My pack.... :heart: :iconspazhugplz: :heart:
:iconmonstafox: :iconeisschweif:

My brother: :iconwestandunited: Eli you still do mean the world to me. <3 <3

If you have any problem with me - talk to me.

"Streichelst du mich, so kuschel ich mit dir,
Verletzt du mich, so beiße ich dich,
Auf eine Aktion folgt eine Reaktion!"

With friendly greetings; yours Xandro! :dummy:


It's weird how "good friends" can just stop caring.
For example when they get themselves a girlfriend or boyfriend.
They suddenly care less and less and less.... down to zero.
I'm a little confused. I thought we were really good friends and we might gonna be meeting in real life at some point and what not but oh wow.
Now they don't even take any time to talk anymore.
What am I to them anyways?
Probably just a "spare in stock", just in case they can't get anyone in real life. Or.. idk what. Who knows.
Had to say that. Bye bye.
Sorry for typos. :grump:

Irgendwie komisch wie manchen ihre Freunde plötzlich egal sind wenn sie ne Freundin oder nen Freund haben.
Plötzlich kümmern die sich immer weniger und weniger und am Ende garnimmer.
Irgendwie beschäftigt mich des. Ich dachte wir wären gute Freunde und wir würden uns vielleicht mal in echt treffen wenn sich was ergibt aber tja.
Jezt nehmen sie sich nichtmal mehr ein bisschen Zeit zum chatten.
Wer bin ich für die überhaupt? Irgend jemand nettes den man sich mal mal als "Ersatz" warmhält für den fall dass man in echt niemand kriegt? Oder was?
Naja.. musste das mal loswerden. Bye bye.
Für Schreibfehler haftet meine Tastatur. :grump:
  • Listening to: 650 AM WSM - The Legend
....- figured out that the village I'm gonna move to has got a population of only 341 poeple haha yeha xD
I expected it to be like 800 or 900 or so xD

Nonsense info ends right here. xD
  • Listening to: Bleachin' - Comin' Down
.... this description matches me??

"Smart and somewhat headstrong, you wont hesitate to help your friends, but just as well as you are nice, you can turn vicious in the blink of an eye. You are a good friend, but you can be a bit temperamental at times."

"Personality: Dedicated, concerned, brave, caring"

Was just wondering.
Have been writing on this for hours since I could not weite one word in one piece due to lots of incoming messages and notes. -.-
Bye guys, I'm sickeningly tired... see you.
  • Listening to: Peter Gabriel - Down To Earth
and read those few sentences;

I just realized that I might not have internet at the place I'm probably gonna be movin to.
Yey folks.... this means, maybe, good bye. Sorry to tell you but I can't change this fact.
I don't really appreciate ahm like leaving you all, dA, youtube, everything. But I'm possibly not able to change a thing.
  • Listening to: The Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet
We're probably gonna move.
Well... not probably; it's a fact. We will move.
The house we're living in for rental was sold to a family who wants it all for themselves - which means we gotta get outta here.
Dead line is February 1st or somethin' like that I think.
We've had a hard time finding us something for out budget. Prices for dwellings and houses (for rental I gotta say) raised to a high level in the past seven years. They've raised about 50 up to even 100% in this area. I was like "what the hell is that evne possible..." but well, yes it's true.
We used to live in this little city for about 7 or 8 years now. Seems like we're gonna move to the country side, which'll be a good thing (for me anywas) since I love the country and I hate cities and stuff..
Yeah. Now that's what's going on lately. I gotta say; I'm gonna be sorry for a lack of activity (if that's gonna be the thing anyways). It'll be due to a lot of work we gotta get done on that house up there on the mountains where we're probably gonna move to.
Greeting, the wolf guy. :3

Wir werden umziehen.
Das Haus in dem wir zur Miete wohnen wurde verkauft an ne Familie die jezt das ganze Haus selber will. Also müssen wir hier raus.
Bis zum 1. Februar oder so müssen wir drausen sein.
Is nicht ganz einfach was anderes für uns zu finden. Die Preise für Häuser und Wohnungen (zur Miete) sind hier in den lezten Jahren extrem gestiegen. 50 bis sogar 100% mehr wollen die Heut schon. Verrückt...
Wir ham jezt in der Kleinstadt hier 7 oder 8 Jahre lang gelebt. Wir werden wohl auf's Land ziehen. Find ich gut, ich hasse Städte und liebe die Ländlichen Gegenden.
Jo, das is so der Stand der Dinge bei mir zur Zeit. Sorry falls ich in nächster Zeit nicht viel da sein kann. Das ist dan weil wir noch viel viel machen müssen bevor wir in das Haus auf der Alb oben einziehen können.
Grüße euch, -wolfie. :3
  • Listening to: Die Neue 107.7 - Bester Rock Und Pop

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